Bespoke Wooden Wall Art

Turn a blank space on your wall into something that makes you feel good.

Wooden Wall Art


Wooden Art 'The Lady with a Lamp' - chose this theme as NHS give us that glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel (January 2021).

Wooden Wall Art Seahorse (62cm high)

Wooden Wall Art 'Innovate or Die' by IDB (1.2 metres high). This is based on the cover of a Book written by the company's owner and is displayed in their Reception area.

Wooden Wall Art Dove by IDB (30cmx30cm)

Wooden Wall Art Eagle by IDB

Bespoke Wooden Wall Art for Jaga (Principles) (2 metres wide) - This uses silhouetted versions of clients designs for companies five principles. "Respect Nature"-"Awake the Artist"-"Dream a Future"-"Create Emotion"-"Build Bridges"

detail for above principle = 'Awake the Artist'.

Wooden Wall Art Owl by IDB (64cm high)

Wooden Wall Art Elephant by IDB (60cm high)

Wooden Wall Art Amy Winehouse by IDB (56cm high)

Wooden Wall Art Tree Frog by IDB (57cm high)

Tribute to keyworkers

Bit of a departure from Wall Art but wanted to make this Tribute to our amazing NHS and keyworkers