About Ian

Ian is a professional Artist based in Essex. Drawing has always been a part of his life, partly influenced by his Grandfather and Great Grandfather (plus his brother - George Burchett aka "King of Tattooist"), all of whom were also professional artists.
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Ian started work as a draughtsman in 1979; when drawings were completed on a drawing board and not on computers. His career has always involved drawing and in 1999 he took the plunge and became a self-employed artist. It was in that year he had his first cartoons published in a London newspaper. Initally his work mainly involved drawing caricatures (in the studio for gifts and publications plus "Live Caricature Entrertainment" at weddings, parties, corporate events and the like). He also enjoys creating logo designs.

In about 2009 Ian started to focus on improving his watercolours and in 2016 started his regular watercolour workshops and doing watercolour painting demonstrations at Art Groups/Societies etc. His "Direct" style of painting is quite different to many other watercolourist, so it is often a different experience for his spectators. Ian likes to plan his paintings so includes information of this process (in his workshops and demos), showing examples of his value (tone) patterns and explaining how he uses Gestalt principles in the design.  

Other interests involve Tai Chi, Cycling, Boating, Music and Woodwork. He also enjoys doing DIY projects, which have varied from fitting out a narrowboat to building a folly, and a "Wishing Well" plus making a set of lockgates as a feature for his pond. He also build his Art Studio.

Contact Details: email ian@ianart.co.uk or Phone: 07926761566

....Ian now also makes bespoke Wooden Wall Art (often using reclaimed wood). A blog has been created to show his latest examples:- Wooden Wall Art also see my Pinterest Page